Lowongan Sales Support Staff - Bali & Nusa Tenggara-PT ABC President Indonesia

    Sales Support Staff - Bali & Nusa Tenggara-PT ABC President Indonesia

    Denpasar (Bali) - Denpasar | Ditayangkan: 14-January-2020 | Tutup pada 13-February-2020

    • PT ABC President Indonesia was established in September 1991 as a form of cooperation between PT ABC Central Food from Indonesia and Uni-President Enterprises Corporation of Taiwan.
    • PT ABC President Indonesia which is engaged in Food and Beverage Industries (Consumer Goods).
    • PT ABC President Indonesia is committed to continued innovation in satisfying customers wants and needs.
    • Food products and beverages PT ABC President Indonesia is a product of good quality and high flavor and have been exported to several countries in Europe and Asia Pacific.
    • PT ABC President Indonesia is a major player in the instant noodle market in Indonesia, ABC Noodle has also expanded its distribution network to various countries in Europe and Asia Pacific.
    • Currently, Nu Green Tea is the market leader in Category Ready To Drink Green Tea.
    • In Indonesia, PET Aseptic filling technology was first used to produce Nu Nu Green Tea and Juice, beverage products launched by PT. ABC President Indonesia.

    Tugas & Tanggung Jawab :
    • Mengumpulkan dan membuat laporan sales, baik bersifat mingguan maupun bulanan (Proses data menggunakan Rumus-rumus excel seperti : VLookup, If dan Pivot)
    • Bertanggung jawab atas laporan petty cash operasional Area, dengan memastikan validitas dan akurasi penggunaan arus kas petty cash tersebut
    • Bertanggung jawab atas pengelolaan lingkungan kerja di Area, dengan memastikan kebersihan dan fungsional keseluruhan area Kerja
    • Bertanggung jawab atas pembuatan Notulen meeting internal Area, baik internal meeting maupun external meeting (co : dengan distributor)
    • Melakukan pengecekan klaim distributor
    Spesifikasi Posisi :
    • Sarjana (S1), Semua Jurusan
    • Min Pengalaman 1 Tahun Administrasi
    • Usia maks. 28 tahun
    • Memiliki kemampuan menggunakan Microsoft Excel Intermediate (Pivot, If dan Vlookup), Microsoft Word dan Power Point
    • Lebih disukai memiliki pengalaman Administrasi Consumer Goods / Distributor
    • Teliti, Komunikasi baik, Bekerja sistematis, Integritas
      Bersedia ditempatkan di Denpasar, Bali

    Corporate Value
    Our corporate have values as our guidelines :

    We act with sense of urgency, take initiative and do right thing effectively and efficiently.
    • Effective & Efficient
    • Sense of Urgency
    • Proactive

    We work together as a team in which everyone communicate effectively, care, & enjoy work to reach personal & organizational goals.
    • Teamwork
    • Communicate effectively
    • Care & enjoy work

    We act in the best interest of the customer by always think out of the box and this will continue to guide our future growth and development.
    • Visionary
    • Think Out of the box
    • Customer Focus

    We do a great job every time and continuously make improvement because we are committed to market the best in-class product.
    • Quality & Continous Improvement
    • Strive for Excellence
    • Result Oriented

    We are reliable, we perform with high respect and trustworthy in order to earn the trust, respect and loyalty of others.
    • Respect
    • Trustworthy
    • Reliable

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